Lost Widget – Dharma Initiative

For those fans of the series Lost on Sky you will be familiar with the Dharma Initiative which is some underground bunker which has a countdown from 108 minutes. Its purpose is to test you and make sure you enter the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 in to the computer to prevent disaster. The Lost Widget is a spin off of this which you install on to your Windows or Mac OS desktop and basically every 108 minutes your PC is threatened to die unless you enter the numbers above. Ok, I doubt any damage will be done if you dont… but it is just a bit of fun.

Software Via: LostSeasons

Transformer Phone Concept

Parkoz Hardware Phone
The transformer mobile phone concept comes from Parkoz Hardware. The video which can be found over at Gizmodo shows the robot transforming and then blasting the parkoz logo in to the desk. I think you will probably agree that mini guns will not be included if it were real 😉

Via: Gizmodo

HP Pocket Media Drive PD0800

The PD0800 from HP is a USB powered hard drive which comes in a portable case allowing you to switch it easily between locations and computers. If you own a HP Pavilion desktop PC with a HP pocket media drive you can just slot the drive in to the PC like you would a cassette in to a tape deck. For others, its just a matter or connecting the drive to a spare USB 2.0 port. With the drive being USB 2.0 compliant, it allows for fast transfers of data.

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Bob Machine – Your Desktop Buddy

Bob Machine
Bob is a machine which sits on your desk. If you are bored and need something to fill your time with then you switch him on and he just whizzes around your desk hitting anything in site while trying to entertain you. Bob runs on 4 button cell batteries or 1 4LR44 type batteries and can provide some entertainment through a boring day at work.

Bob machine costs 14.99 GBP and available from Need a present. Unfortunately this could well be one of those toys that ends up being used and abused for the first week and then left on the desk to gather dust??

Hovercraft Office Chair

HoverCraft Office Chair

Hover around your office on the hovering chair

Yep, I am sure you know this isnt actually real but it is still fun to mention. The hovercraft chair is an idea put forward by someone over at ideawicket and is basically a chair that hovers with a large fan under it. The crazy idea behind this is to allow for more fun at the office and give a faster way to travel around places. To control the chair you just lean forwards or in which ever direction you want to go. I guess in a similar way to how you control a segway but in this case you are sat down and floating.

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Animated LED Fan

LED Art Fan
This fan is a step to the side from your regular fan that you buy to cool you down when its warm. This one features 42 LEDs which are mounted on the blades. When the fan is switched on, images can be made from the LEDs (POV). The fan has 5Mb of memory in which you can store 128 images for your little animations. It certainly does add a new look to your relatively boring desk fan. What makes this good is the ability to hook it up to your PC via a serial port and you can transmit via Infra Red to the fan and put your images on to its blades. To see how it looks when working check out the You tube video after the jump.

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Ring Mouse from Global Link

Ring Mouse from Global Link
This mouse which was seen over at Computex in Taipei is built by Global Link and it straps to your finger, hence the name Ring Mouse. It can work on most surfaces and even works with your thumb brushing past it. My first thoughts are that it is rather large and why couldnt it be made smaller, however, if it was smaller then people might think you are strange stroking the desk with your hand. At least with it being a decent size they can still understand that you are actually holding something.

It appears that the Ring Mouse is optical, but no details are provided about that yet. It seems like it is divided in to four sections with the top right being the sensor and the others possibly being controls that you can tap against a surface or touch with your thumb.

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Flexible Flat Wireless Power Source

The flexible flat wireless power source can be placed on the floor, wall and desks and allows electronic devices to charge with out wires. The device is made of thin plastic in which electrical components are placed on to it using inkjet printing technology which uses electronic ink. It measures 21 cm squared and can provide about 40 watts of power which is enough to power light bulbs and devices such as mobile phones.

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Flying in Style

VIP Boeing
If you want to feel like a VIP and have a ton of cash laying around then you might want to check out the Boeing 747-8 VIP. This is a business jet and very luxurious. Inside they feature vaulted ceilings, spiral staircases and video wall displays. The cabin is over 465m2 which allows for plenty of office space and entertaining space while on those long haul flights. One more picture after the jump.

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USB Mini Fridge – Just enough room for a Sprite

USB Mini Fridge
The USB Mini Fridge is a cool idea. I come across many USB devices such as a USB grill and many others. Most are funny to mention and do not really have a use, but this one is different. I think it would actually be handy to use next to your desk in the office. It is a mini fridge which is powered by USB. Just put in a can of juice and let it cool it down to 8.5 degrees C which is a fairly nice chilled (ish) temperature and way better then room temperature. The 5V that is required from the USB ports takes about 5 minutes to cool the fridge down. I am not sure how long a drink would take in there though. Left in there daily would surely keep it at the perfect temperature though.

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Dell Ultra-thin LCD Concept

Dell LCD
This LCD created by Dell is ultra thin at half an inch thick. It has 4 times the current HDTV resolution, allows integrated peripherals around the display, allows you to daisy chain multiple screens and all goes through a single bidirectional cable. A lot of parts have been removed from the screen to cut its size and weight down although I am unsure how much of that is packed in to a box that could be stored under the desk. Either way, the screen is nice to look at especially with the surround that appears to be glass.

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Acrobots for your Office Desk

These cool little magnetic robots are designed for your office desk. They have crystal clear round heads and magnets on their hands and feet. Each of the joints on the Acrobots are movable allowing you to throw them in to any pose you want. When purchasing the acrobots you have two choices. The first is a regular type which stands about 4 inches tall and has 1 Acrobat robot with 6 pivot joints. The other option is for 3 smaller acrobots which stack on to each other and contain 2 pivot points.

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