Google Mobile App Approved for Apple iPad

Apple [AAPL] have approved the Google Mobile App for the iPad. If you already had the Google Mobile App on your iPad previously, you would have noticed that it was pretty much a scaled up version. With the iPad version of the app now being official, it has been re done to fit the larger screen.

The new version is of course free to download. It features a My Location bar, but other than that it’s the same as the previous version. It gives access to a number of Google [GOOG] services such as GMail, Maps, Images, news, shopping etc… with some of the apps working within the app, and others kicking you out to the browser. This is the case with GMail for example.

The application is available to download now and can be grabbed from either iTunes on your computer and then synced across, or downloaded direct to your iPad.

Via: Giz

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