How to Fix Apple iPad Wireless Issues

Several problems have been reported with the Apple iPad in that some say it is over heating, some say WiFi connectivity is having issues and some say they have power issues after switching off.

Apple [AAPL] have responded to the WiFi issues and provided a set of instructions of how to fix wifi on the Apple iPad. Basically they say the issues can be caused by dual-band routers where they suggest splitting the bands to make it easier. Another suggestion mentions resetting the network settings on the iPad and the final idea is to double check the firmware on the router you are connecting to, to make sure it’s running the latest.

Of course it’s a hard one to track down, but with many different routers being available, some will have issues. I know from my own experience that an old D-Link router I had used to cause wireless networking issues with some devices that connected to it.

Here is the full set of instructions from Apple [AAPL] to help you resolve the issues…

Under certain conditions, iPad may not automatically rejoin a known Wi-Fi network after restart or waking from sleep. This can occur with some third-party Wi-Fi routers that are dual-band capable when:

* Using the same network name for each network
* Using different security settings for each network

If you encounter this issue, try the following:

* Create separate Wi-Fi network names to identify each band. This can be done easily by appending one or more characters to the current network name. (Example: Add a G to the 802.11b/g network name and an N to the 802.11n network name.)
* Ensure that both networks use the same security type (WEP, WPA, WPA2, and so on)
* If the issue persists, reset your network settings using Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Note: Always ensure that your Wi-Fi router firmware is up to date.


  1. The74Scooter says

    Best solution for wifi and other ipad issues is very simple:
    1) Don’t buy these first versions.
    2) Take yours back if you already have one.

    Clearly the issues with wifi, heat and power-up from sleep suggest Apple rushed this one to market

    Historically Apple has always had very good products – but this and the first iphone suggest that Apple has dropped their standards and they need customers to let them know that won’t fly. I like Apple products but this current situation, even if it’s only 5-10% of units… that’s not acceptable at any price.

  2. The truth says

    I am a wireless engineer, granted Apple might have some issues. However, IMO the real problem is the general public buy crap routers and Apple’s iPAD has to deal with all those issues of wireless protocol negoiations, power flux (up/down) of the energy field which on poor quality routers is hugh. The list goes on. If you use a high quality router and have the latest firmware you should not have an issue. If Apple made the routes you would not see these issues IMO.

    • Some Guy says

      Wireless Engineer, I am too and manage an Enterprise calss top of the line Cisco wireless infrastructure and Apple has issues, in fact they fail to request a DHCP address after having gone to sleep, they retain the last ip address and assume they have it and do not initiate a renegotiation with the DCHP server to assure the ip address is still theirs. This is an issue Apple has acknowleged, as far as personal routers being of low quality I do share that opinion.

    • slowpoke says

      Thats funny, every other wireless computer and device can connect to these wireless access points Except for the iPads. This indicates the problem is the iPad, not the access points. A real engineer would be able to distinguish the real problem with this scenario, and it’s not the working access points.

    • iPad Owner says

      Wireless engineer (never heard that one before) you are obviously an Apple fan-boy to make the uninformed statements you posted here. The problem is the device, I received an iPad as a gift over the holidays and It was working fine for a couple of weeks, than all of a sudden, will not connect to any of my wireless networks, I have to reset my wireless settings quite often now. I am thinking about taking it back. Next time, it would be a good idea, if you have an informed opinion and not a fan-boy opinion.

  3. Come are a wireless engineer…for a closed garden telecom, no doubt. I have not had any ability to reconnect to my corporate network. I initially connected just fine, but we rotate EP keys every week and I can’t connect right now. I did test that I was able to connect using my laptop using the same new WEB keys, but no go on my iPad.

    I’m surprised about the issues that Apple is having. This is my first initial generation Apple device. I agree that it seems to have been rushed into production, but this is not new ground for Apple. The unit uses the same OS as the iPhone, and uses a ubiquitous protocol – 802.11b/g/n. Maybe they need to tune some stuff up? They’ll need to hurry…I’m about to take mine back. I’m sure there are many other folks like me too.

  4. Commission says

    I connect the iPad to my MacBook via Internet Sharing (MacBook has a 3G USB key):
    – if I set up a password for the Wifi network, it works fine for an hour or so. Later then when the iPad wakes up and try to connect, it asks for the password and it wont connect : “wrong password”…
    – without a password, it works fine for one day. Then it sees the network but wont connect.
    The only solution i found is to change the name of the wifi network every day.

    The issue here is not the crap router (Apple MacBook) or somekind of distance between the two devices (1 meter or so…), or multiple bands. There is clearly something wrong with the way the iPad is managing the wifi networks. Apple has to solve it fast !

  5. Your right IPAD has the problem with Wifi not the router and firmware, give us a break Apple, you have flaw in either your OS or hardware for IPAD, my Iphone does not have this problem with my wifi at home or in the office, but my IPAD certainly does. Fix it quickly, state the true facts, and stop jerking around your loyal user base around, I am also seriously consider returning my IPAD on my next trip back to the US.
    I seeing travel a great deal, I should tell each hotel to replace or upgrade their wifi networks to smooth over my IPAD issues. WHat on earth is Apple thinking.

  6. iPad has the WiFi problem not the router. I have Belkin router at home and Cisco & Linksys at work. My iPad just drop connection many times and get weak signal most of the times. I sometimes really spend more time to troubleshoot my iPad rather than using it. I just gave up using the iPad. My 7 years old daughter now plays with it. By the way my iPhone (3G) has no WiFi problem at all. Anyway it seems Apple needed badly the cash so they dropped their standards and quality.

  7. Yeah it’s definitely an issue with it going to sleep. Renewing lease seems to fix, although need to wait about 2 minutes for that process to finish, and there not much status feedback on it. Often the iPad picks up the wrong ip address, but after a few resets it finds all the correct info including gateway, and within 30 seconds after that I’m good to go again. I wish I could take mine back to shop but new Zealand along way from USA… Guess that’s the punishment for early adoption… Btw I was wondering why I didn’t have this issue on the first day I got it, probably because it never got a rest… Side note, also having sync issues…

  8. Joan Sharp says

    I was given an IPAD as a gift from my kids. I have had it a few weeks and one morning could not connect to my wireless server. I called a tech at Aople who was helpful in taking me through various steps, but it did not solve the problem. Half the fun of the IPAD is using the wifi and downlowning. I want this fixed soon!!!

  9. Peter Wellings says

    Just bought ipad today, 29th June, latest s/w, I am on this board for teh same reason all teh rest of you are. Very annoying, I bought to develop a field surveyors application which we use old PC tablets for now, this is really my 1st experience of apple since Apple2 and I am not impressed. Also had locking Safari page and had to reset to clear….2 major bugs in 2 hours…..what were they thinking..

  10. Peter Wellings says

    I am using Zyxel P 600 over a fixed IP as also use Avaya IP voice to office switch from home and secure VPN. BTW, if any apple techies bother to read this stuff.

  11. You have written:
    I am using Zyxel P 600 over a fixed IP as also use Avaya IP voice to office switch from home and secure VPN. BTW, if any apple techies bother to read this stuff.

    HOW CAN YOU DO THIS, please let me know.

  12. I’ve traced my problem to an Acer notebook used by one of my sons. When the acer is on, both my iPad and my daughter-in-law’s iPad start recycling through the connection repeatedly. When the acer if off we have no problems.

    • I’ve noticed a similar issue. When my kids are using their laptops my IPad experiences network connection issues. All is well when their laptops are turned off.

  13. I have found that disabling all security (WEP/WPA, etc.) gives some intermittent access for the IPad, but I too have the sleep/wake problems. I have to constantly renew the lease on the stoopid IPad and hopefully get a good connection. Sometimes I can let it go back into sleep mode and it will establish a good connection… but if it loses it (and it has) its hell to get back on.

    Stoopid IPad just can’t hold wireless for squat. My kids PSP, PS3, XBox 360 and laptops do not have this problem whatsoever. Only the IPad has this problem. Now I realize why I’ve never bought an Apple product before… they’re overpriced crap that are “shiny and new”, but rarely work as advertised.

  14. Everything was fine with my iPad on the same network at home until I upgraded to ios4, now I keep renewing the lease and turning wifi on and off every few min in order to have access to the Internet. I am so frustrated, I am thinking to switch back to using a laptop for everything. Shame because I really liked the iPad experience. I hope there is a sw release to fix this soon before I give up for good. Great as I press submit I had to go renew lease to have connection to submit eerrrhhh

  15. Support Headache says

    I using 3com AP and try using Wifi to connect to the office network. What i get is up down Wifi connectivity. But other laptop / computers working fine! With follow the advise from apple, i disable Wifi security (how do i maintain my network without security at AP?) and separate all band with diffrence SSID. I still get same result… To apple…please come the solution quickly because my management still want use the iPad a part of our equipment.

  16. Have been googling for a successful fix to this. Lots of complaints but nothing that really works. My Ipad sees my network and connects – but doesn’t see any of the other 5 networks ain my area.
    even tho connected to my network at good strength, I can’t get on-line.

    Only solution seems to be to return my near-$1000 paperweight and accessories. If we all do thie the retailers will put the squeeze on Apple to do something more than blame the stupid users.

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