Apple iPad Jailbreak by Geohot

Geohot has managed to Jailbreak the Apple iPad. The iPad runs iPhone OS 3.2 and within days of the iPad being launched Geohot managed to post the encryption keys on his site followed the day after by the image above showing Cydia and Blackra1n on the home screen of the iPad.

On the blog post about the encryption keys he simply says (after publishing the keys) that “This is more exciting than a lot of you realize.”

We should be hearing more soon about how it will all work, but from what we can gather, it will be an update to Blackra1n where you simply tether the iPad, load up Blackra1n and a few moment later your device will be jailbroke.

Now that iPhone OS 3.2 has been jailbroke we hopefully will see the latest blackra1n being made available that will also allow the iPhone 3GS to be jailbreaked without having to tether it each time you reboot.

We’ll post more as we get more details.

Via: BGR


  1. Check out limera1n (dot) com, Rumor has it that GeoHot has registered it for his jailbreak in a couple weeks!

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