Apple iPad gets Jailbreak on day 2

In just hours of going on sale, the Apple iPad has been jailbroke. The iPad Jailbreak was accomplished by key people on the Dev Team who made the jailbreak happen from some earlier work on a solution called Spirit.

Although jailbreaking the device in just a few hours might seem like a quick task, the team had already prepared on the iPhone and iPod touch that run the same iPhone OS as the iPad, so it was expected that the jailbreak would happen same day.

With the Apple [AAPL] device now being jailbroke, it shouldn’t be too long before a stable build of the software is created allowing for others to jailbreak their devices. No official date has been given yet though and perhaps, the team will be inclined to wait for the launch of the iPad Wi-Fi+3G model later this month.

What the iPad Jailbreak does is exactly the same as it does on the iPhone or iPod touch in that it will allow you to install 3rd party applications on to the iPad, ie the ones that haven’t been approved by Apple. Also far more in depth customisations can be done like re theming the iPad, potentially allowing for tethering to happen along with other various features.

More details on the Spirit jailbreak can be found over here. We also noted that Geohot also successfully jailbroke the latest iPhone OS allowing for untethered booting to happen. We haven’t heard yet from him if he has tested the jailbreak out on an iPad just yet. We are sure we’ll hear soon though.

Check out the video below to see the jailbreak in action…

Via: SlashGear

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