iPad meets LapDock

The LapDock is a device that converts your Apple iPad in to a laptop. By using the LapDock, iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard you are able to put them together to make a laptop.

“Simply dock your iPad into the LapDock¢, add an Apple Wireless Keyboard, and presto – instant laptop!

Use it for business, for school, or just as a hard case to protect your iPad on the go. The LapDock¢ is a must have for any iPad owner.”

I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I have no idea if this product will ever exist… and really, does it need to exist? Who knows??? Check out the video below that gives a quick demonstration of how it looks.

Details via iPadLapDock


  1. freemacbook says

    Seriously whats the point of this. If you wanted a laptop just spend a few extra hundred and get a macbook, its more functional than the ipad anyway.

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