Apple iPad in UK Delayed till Late May

Loading up the Apple [AAPL] website in the UK the message on the front page has changed to now say the Apple iPad is coming Late May (rather than Late April).

We suspected this after hearing nothing in the way of pre-orders here in the UK with late April already fast approaching.

From what we understand, an announcement will be made on May 10th with details of the launch date and pricing for the device. Pre-orders will also start on May 10 as indicated on the Apple website.

Reasons for the delays have not been specified, but we suspect that they are due to the amount of sales that overwhelmed Apple in the first weeks since the original launch on April 3. Around 500,000 of the tablets were sold within the first week which was over what Apple estimated.

We’ll post more details as we receive them.


  1. This is depressing, I couldn’t wait to buy the iPad when it launched on late April, now I have to wait one whole month more… once again, depressing!!!

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