Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

mini-handheld-sewing-machineIf you have ever been in need of an urgent sewing job then pick up one of these mini handheld sewing machines.

The Mini Handheld Sewing Machine costs just $6.99 and can do a number of tasks such as fixing hems.

Handheld Sewing Machine Features

# Features: Fix hems or shorten slacks
# Works on all fabrics
# Great for home or travel
# Quick repairs
# Decorator Accents
# Dimension: 11 cm x 5 cm x 7.3 cm

Available from Gizfever.


  1. I have one but I don’t know how to use it… do you?
    I have everything on the right places but the seam line is not sewn into the fabric when I start the job.. I don’t get it this machine…

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