Hanging Alarm Clock

hanging-alarm-clockThe majority of alarm clocks just beep away and allow you to hit snooze and still sleep in. Over the last few years alarm clock makers have been getting more creative by creating loud explosions or by having the alarm clock run away. The Hanging Alarm Clock follows this pattern by running away from you “up towards the ceiling”.

hanging-alarm-clock-animatedWith the alarm clock being capable of hanging and then climbing it makes sense that you would jump up quicker to switch it off before it gets too high to reach. When the alarm first goes off it climbs up the string 30 cm at which point you need to hit it to switch it off. If you do not touch it for 5 minutes then it starts again by setting it’s alarm off and then climbs again. To stop it altogether you need to hit the stop button on the alarm at which point it resets for the next day of torture.

The Hanging Alarm Clock is available from Firebox and currently costs £19.95.


  1. Gadget Living says

    This if funny and cruel at the same time. Still-I bet it does a great job of getting you out of bed. 🙂

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