IntoDream Portable SEGA DreamCast

IntoDream-Portable-DreamCastBacteria is a SEGA fan who has spent about 4 months recently hacking a SEGA DreamCast in to a portable console. The portable SEGA DreamCast is called IntoDream and has stereo speakers, an N64 analogue stick, full rumble features and a built in VMU (visual memory unit).

The system uses a 5 inch LCD screen taken from a PSone and although a chunky portable device, it fully works as a DreamCast would. The IntoDream is powered by a six amp battery that is capable of powering the device for about two hours which isn’t too bad considering the machine it’s powering.

Check out the videos below to see Quake 3 in action as well as details on the project and how it was built.

Portable DreamCast Specifications:

*Official Sony PSone 5³ LCD screen
*6 amps of battery power yielding about 2 1/4 hours play time between recharging
* N64 Superpad joystick a far superior joystick to ones on the DreamCast
* Official Sega PAL DreamCast hardware
* VMU unit showing through case
* Built in rumble motor, gives nice viabration!
* Comfortable to hold, natural to use
* Plays games like Quake 3 well!

Via: Joystiq

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