Arch Ball DIY Clock

The Arch Ball Clock is a DIY project that you can build. It uses 2 stepper motors to control the 2 arches. The arch on the left represents hours and the one on the right represents minutes. The arches hold a steel ball bearing which rolls freely on the arch above the number that gives the time.

Arch Ball Clock Instructions

1. Print and cut out the arch patterns downloaded earlier.
2. Use spray glue to attach the patterns to 1/2 inch medium Density fiberboard (MDF).
3. Cut the wood almost to the pattern line and then sand to line. Make sure that the inner portion of the hour and minute arches are smooth and nick free as the ball bearings need to roll freely.
4. Cut two 2″x3-3/4″ pieces of MDF for the feet at the end of the large arch.
5. Cut a groove on the inside of the hour and minutes arches leaving a track for the balls to ride on. The balls do not ride inside the groove but on the outer rim.
6. For mounting the hour and minutes arches drill a hole that will allow for a tight press-fit onto the motor shaft.
7. Cut out a recess in the large arch for the stepper motor to sit in. This allows the motor shaft to stick through far enough to allow the the”

The process looks simple enough and you can purchase the full kit at Nuts and Volts for $28.25.

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