Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop Listed on eBay

Ben Heck is well known for hacking up consoles and making them in to portable units. One of them is a PS3 Slim converted in to a laptop style setup allowing it to be carried around and played on the go. The PS3 Slim Laptop has a 17 inch HD display allowing for crystal clear graphics.

The PS3 Slim Laptop has been listed on eBay now by altfeldtoy who mentions he actually won the PS3 laptop in a local business competition. Currently there are 26 bids on the auction with the latest amount being $3,350.00 USD.

If you want details of how the PS3 laptop was made then the information is available over at Ben Heck. If you’d like to bid on the PS3 Slim Laptop then the auction can be found over here.

Via: TechNaBob and GameSniped

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