DIY Augmented Reality Display

diy_wearable_computerWe are seeing more of augmented reality in these last few weeks in products such as the iPhone, business cards and now the DIY wearable computer with heads up unit that creates an augmented reality display.

Augmented reality is a mixture of bringing internet and computer related information with every day life and this DIY augmented reality display headset makes use of this technology. By using a Motorola iDEN i425 the unit has an always-on internet connection. A Myvu Crystal is used for the HUD and a Sony UMPC attaches it altogether.

The Myvu Crystal scren has a 640 x 480 resolution and when attached to some special glasses creates the heads up display that shows the augmented reality.

Other features included in the kit are a folding bluetooth keyboad and mouse for different types of input if needed.

‘I guess my original goal was to design a prototype wearable computing system that is expandable, cheap, compact, yet powerful enough to be used as an every day computer with the possibility of having augmented reality systems and other passive information systems convey useful location based information to the user at all timesĀ

Unfortunately the original UMPC broke, so a new one is needed to finish the project. More details can be found over at UMPC Portal.

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