Survey Hints at Sony NGP Costing $250 and $350 for Non-3G and 3G

Official pricing for the Sony NGP hasn’t been released yet, but what we are hearing today is that the pricing could be $250 and $350 for a WiFi only and 3G version respectively.

We already knew that two versions were being made available thanks to a few details being mentioned. What we didn’t know is the pricing structure and realistically, we still don’t know for sure as the details have been provided by a survey that was done on behalf of a games developer. [Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Teardown

The Nintendo 3DS will be launching in Japan in the next few days. Somehow, someone managed to get hold of one early to tear it down and see exactly what Nintendo have crammed inside the case.

As you might already be aware, the Nintendo 3DS has a glasses free 3D screen allowing gamers to be more immersed in the action. Unfortunately, there is no detailed breakdown of the screen other than seeing it embedded in the casing of the 3DS, but expect over the coming weeks we’ll see a more indepth breakdown in regards to the screen. [Read more…]

Sony NGP Features Dropped To Keep the Price Right

Although we think the Sony NGP (AKA PSP 2) is packed full of features that actually make it very “cool”, we learn now that it could have been better. Sony said in a recent interview that not everything they intended has made it to the PSP 2 so that they could keep the price down to an acceptable level. What that means is that you still will get the NGP you saw a few weeks ago, but had Sony not restricted it to a certain (unknown) price point, it would have been packed with even more features.

Sony doesn’t mention what those features are though unfortunately although a few lessons can be learned from the original PS3 when compared to the new one. Sony originally added a lot of features to the PS3 and gave it everything, basically you could say they “overcooked” it. Then, they realised that a huge loss was being made and when new models were launched, various features started dropping such as backwards compatibility to name one thing. [Read more…]

PSP 2 Could get OLED Screen and 3G Connectivity

We heard rumors recently that indicated that the PSP 2 would be as powerful as the PS3. We also now hear that Sony want to put both 3G connectivity inside it as well as an OLED screen.

Other than the quick rumors of the OLED screen and 3G, not much else is known about the device other than we hear that it might be officially announced this week on January 27. If so, we should hear a number of new details about the device such as the release date, price and what runs inside. [Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Battery Life is Just 3 to 8 Hours

One thing that gave the original Nintendo DS a boost was the fact that it could get up to 14 hours on a single charge. When the DS Lite launched, that further jumped to a healthy 19 hours of gaming between charges. What we are hearing now is that the new Nintendo 3DS will get just 3 to 8 hours per charge with the 8 hours been reserved for those older DS games.

For those playing newer 3D games, this is when battery life drops to just 3 to 5 hours per charge. This is now around what the original Sony PSP got per charge which isn’t particularly good at all. [Read more…]

AngryBirds for PSP Launches

Today will see the launch of Angry Birds for the Sony PSP. The game is a port of the classic iPhone and Android game that has had a tremendous sales record since it launched. The game has sold in excess of 50 million from what reports indicate.

As for how close the game is to the iPhone version, on the PSP you get just 63 levels which is way off the 360+ that are currently enjoyed on the iPhone. We’re not sure at this point in time if Rovio plan to provide updates to the PSP version, or if the handheld console users will be stuck at the 63 levels. [Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Release Date for Europe Could be Announced Next Month

Nintendo will be holding a press conference on January 19th 2011 where it is expected the release date for the Nintendo 3DS will be announced.

The event arrives about a month before the Japanese launch on February 26. When the release date for Japan was announced, the company also said that the European and US release dates would be announced in separate events, which makes us believe this will be the date for Europe. [Read more…]

PlayStation Phone Captured on Video

The PlayStation Phone has been spotted over in Greece. The device is said to have a 4 inch screen and run the new Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

The video, embedded below, doesn’t show the games controller being slid out, but what you do see is a slightly blurry look at someone using the user-interface on the PlayStation phone. The menus look fairly smooth and there’s also a hint of customisation to the UI. [Read more…]

No UMD’s For PSP2 Either??

To add even more bumpf to the rumour mill, it seems that (allegedly) Sony’s PSP2 will not be launched housing a UMD drive.

Is it just me or were one of the main reasons why the PSPGo didn’t do as well as intended was due to the removal of it’s UMD drive and reverting to digital downloads only instead?? [Read more…]

Price cut heading for PSPgo

Even before release day, the PSPgo suffered from bad publicity mainly due the early announcement of allowing the gamer to only being able to download content with Sony doing away with the UMD drive altogether.

Then there was the pricing of the unit… At $250 brand-spanking new, the PSPgo wasn’t going to do itself any favours. [Read more…]

3D Gaming With Force Feedback

In Chiba, Japan, NTT DoCoMo (Japan’s largest mobile carrier) have put on show something pretty impressive that could quite possibly revolutionise 3D gaming.

Showing at Ceatec, while combining both a glasses-less 3D display with a stylus and force feedback, developers have created great vision of what can be expected very soon in the handheld gaming market and to take interactivity that extra leap forward. [Read more…]

Release Date Announced For Nintendo’s 3DS – Unofficial

A European newspaper has inadvertently let slip the release date for Nintendo’s 3DS.

The details are that its to be launched this coming November in Japan and then followed by Europe next Spring, though this should all be made official when the announcement is made at a Tokyo press event September 29th.

[Read more…]