Survey Hints at Sony NGP Costing $250 and $350 for Non-3G and 3G

Official pricing for the Sony NGP hasn’t been released yet, but what we are hearing today is that the pricing could be $250 and $350 for a WiFi only and 3G version respectively.

We already knew that two versions were being made available thanks to a few details being mentioned. What we didn’t know is the pricing structure and realistically, we still don’t know for sure as the details have been provided by a survey that was done on behalf of a games developer.

The research was done by a company called Toluna and was sponsored by Ubisoft. The survey was called “Ubisoft – NGP Concept – US Adults” and various questions were asked about pricing of the device which is now hinted at as being what we mention above.

As far as we know, the Wifi and 3G model differences are just that in that the 3G has 3G and nothing else, in a similar way to the Apple iPad has WiFi and 3G models. The price difference is also something to look at here as the extra bit of kit to make it function that way could potentially bump up the price by $100, so if the prices end up being correct then you really need to look at if you need 3G connectivity on a gaming device. We’ll leave that one up to you.

As soon as official pricing is provided, we’ll have all the official details.

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