3D Gaming With Force Feedback

In Chiba, Japan, NTT DoCoMo (Japan’s largest mobile carrier) have put on show something pretty impressive that could quite possibly revolutionise 3D gaming.

Showing at Ceatec, while combining both a glasses-less 3D display with a stylus and force feedback, developers have created great vision of what can be expected very soon in the handheld gaming market and to take interactivity that extra leap forward.

As shown in the video below, you have a video of a chameleon while cameras tracks the movement of the stylus where the lizard flicks out its tongue and as it does so, (and as you see in the vid) feedback is felt via a magnetic coil that sits behind the screen projecting a tiny electrical current towards to stylus. Thus making it literally fly out of the user’s hand.

Don’t worry though, you’re not about to have an electric shock every time you use this technology but the potential implications for this tech could be very interesting.

At the moment, the developers behind this aren’t releasing it commercially as they are still researching it’s possibilities.

(Via: news.cnet.com)

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