AngryBirds for PSP Launches

Today will see the launch of Angry Birds for the Sony PSP. The game is a port of the classic iPhone and Android game that has had a tremendous sales record since it launched. The game has sold in excess of 50 million from what reports indicate.

As for how close the game is to the iPhone version, on the PSP you get just 63 levels which is way off the 360+ that are currently enjoyed on the iPhone. We’re not sure at this point in time if Rovio plan to provide updates to the PSP version, or if the handheld console users will be stuck at the 63 levels.

As for gameplay, there are obvious differences such as the lack of touchscreen requiring a slightly modified input for gamers. Other than having different controls, we hear the game is a faithful creation.

Expect it to appear in the PlayStation store today sometime.

Via: PS4 Talk and Pocket Gamer


  1. Andrew Hoffman says

    I’m going to look for a PSP copy of Angry Birds tomorrow and recharge my PSP .New Years resolution #1.

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