PSP 2 Could get OLED Screen and 3G Connectivity

We heard rumors recently that indicated that the PSP 2 would be as powerful as the PS3. We also now hear that Sony want to put both 3G connectivity inside it as well as an OLED screen.

Other than the quick rumors of the OLED screen and 3G, not much else is known about the device other than we hear that it might be officially announced this week on January 27. If so, we should hear a number of new details about the device such as the release date, price and what runs inside.

Price wise, if all the rumors are true, expect it to be $250+ in price. To put that in comparison to the latest Nintendo 3DS, that will launch with a price tag of $250 in the US.

If it is announced this week, we’ll get all the official details.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. Andrew Hoffman says

    could someone please tell me what OLED stands for?

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