Nintendo 3DS Battery Life is Just 3 to 8 Hours

One thing that gave the original Nintendo DS a boost was the fact that it could get up to 14 hours on a single charge. When the DS Lite launched, that further jumped to a healthy 19 hours of gaming between charges. What we are hearing now is that the new Nintendo 3DS will get just 3 to 8 hours per charge with the 8 hours been reserved for those older DS games.

For those playing newer 3D games, this is when battery life drops to just 3 to 5 hours per charge. This is now around what the original Sony PSP got per charge which isn’t particularly good at all.

We think it’s safe to say that most people expected some drop in battery performance when 3D comes in to play, but perhaps not as little as 3 hours per charge.

Will this slow down sales though? Probably not to be honest although it’s an impossible task to predict if sales would have been better because of battery life.

Via: Zath


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    Won’t make any difference to me. About what I’d expect anyway given the high battery sapping apps have.I found my old DS and charger yesterday.Time and date working perfectly.Some people have got to rein in ridiculous expectations from a small portable device.

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