Sony NGP Features Dropped To Keep the Price Right

Although we think the Sony NGP (AKA PSP 2) is packed full of features that actually make it very “cool”, we learn now that it could have been better. Sony said in a recent interview that not everything they intended has made it to the PSP 2 so that they could keep the price down to an acceptable level. What that means is that you still will get the NGP you saw a few weeks ago, but had Sony not restricted it to a certain (unknown) price point, it would have been packed with even more features.

Sony doesn’t mention what those features are though unfortunately although a few lessons can be learned from the original PS3 when compared to the new one. Sony originally added a lot of features to the PS3 and gave it everything, basically you could say they “overcooked” it. Then, they realised that a huge loss was being made and when new models were launched, various features started dropping such as backwards compatibility to name one thing.

“I can’t talk about a definitive price at this stage. But since the very beginning we had a target in mind. So, when considering various features, we always had our price range in mind.

“There were elements that we found pretty cool, but had to set aside to remain on target. It’s a big lesson we learnt from the PS3. There’s no point putting everything you want into a device and doing the math later. We always had the price and consumer in mind. We had to sell something that people could buy.”

As for the actual pricing, Sony hasn’t given pricing details just yet although it wont be as cheap as the original PSP.

Via: CVG

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