Details of the Xbox 720 “Leaked”

Some “leaked” information about the next gen Xbox were detailed today. Although we say leaked, they are also probably just a little bit made up as well, but either way, I’ll post about them so you have something to think about.

First the downside. We hear that the new Xbox 720 will have tighter DRM controls that will require an almost always-on internet connection so that the Xbox can call back to “authenticate” whatever is being used in the drive.

Moving on to the better stuff… the new games console will possibly have a Blu-ray drive as well as a four (quad-core) or six (Hexa-core) processor with one of the processors being dedicated to look after the built in Kinect function of the device. A built in Kinect does raise a few concerns of course as some like to hide their Xbox behind the TV or under it behind doors. Either way, it’s just a rumour, leak or a bit of speculation right now.

Also, there will be two GPUs that function completely separate to each other.

For those upset with the DRM controls, if you are legit with the games and content you buy then there’s no need to worry assuming you always have a connection.


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