Nintendo 3DS Users in Japan Reportedly Feeling Sick

Reports are coming in about users of the new Nintendo 3DS feeling a little sick after using the new handheld 3D games console for just a few minutes.

The Nintendo 3DS uses a screen technology that can show 3D images without the user having to wear special glasses.

Nintendo recommend that those using the console are over 6 years old and that 3D time be limited.

The report said…

“After playing for ten minutes, I started feeling a little dizzy. It was like being seasick.”

Another report said that after a few minutes, one user also felt ill.

Something to point out here is that 3D doesn’t work for all people though in that any form of 3D can throw some people off. What we mean here is that these problems might not be just isolated to these guys using the 3DS.

It’s difficult to say at the moment how many people will have issues, but the best bet is to try before you buy when it launches over this way in the next few months.

Via: SlashGear

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