1760 PlayStation 3’s Stacked to Make 33rd Biggest Computer

The picture you see here shows 1760 PlayStation 3 consoles networked together to form the 33rd largest computer that currently runs, in the world.

The Blu-ray drives have been ripped out leaving just the main inside boards to work together to give a fairly powerful amount of CPU processing. The system joins up to “168 separate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers” and is used by the Air Force in the US.

The system is used for researching AI, fast processing of maps as well as enhancing radar functions. Not bad at all! However, the people behind it now think it’s getting a tad old and are now looking forwards to the launch of the Sony PS4 in a few years time so that they can put 1760 or more of them together to create an ultimate computer.

Via: Gizmodo


  1. can you imagine 1700 xbox s connected? that’d be a red ring of death so large it would open up the gates of hell.

    sony makes good stuff, that’s why i buy it. and why i do folding@home.

    microsoft makes stuff that needs replacement, that’s why they sell a lot of stuff.

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