Gears of War for Kinect???

Inspite of it’s massive launch earlier this month and selling millions of units world wide, the funky camera is still receiving a lot of stick from not so eager “hardcore” gamers. They have good reason too. Just taking a quick glance at the titles available at the moment, it seems to be the more casual gamer that will benefit the most from Microsoft’s latest tech with games tending to fall into family/party/minigame/rhythm gaming genres.

Well another rumour has now surfaced on the interweb as the hit third-person shooter by Epic Games may be coming to Kinect. Apparently Microsoft will be using the Video Game Awards event to promote some big, new action titles for the hi-tech camera (perhaps in hopes to change the hearts of many a hardcore gamer). One of these titles being Gears of War.

At present we don’t know whether this is a brand new title specifically for Kinect or rather the game will be customized to work with peripheral and as yet both Microsoft and Epic Games aren’t shedding any light on the matter either.

Personally we’re all for seeing decent action games for Kinect and hope they work well with the technology, though we’re equally concerned as to whether or not this will turn the hardcore gamer around.

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  1. I can see how movement could be controlled by your position on the floor and the postion of the gun by mapping the 2 hands but I cant see how fps games that will require swift accuracy (to aim) and buttons (to shoot) can be done on kinect. I will be glad to be proved wrong though.

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