Sony PS4 and a New Microsoft Xbox Coming to E3 2012

We’ve certainly seen a fair share of PS4 concepts and after a few years of waiting we will soon get to see the real thing. The same goes for Xbox 720 concepts (not a real name yet). We’ll also get to see the real next gen Xbox as well. Both will be going on show at E3 this year.

E3 is being held on June 5-7 this year at which point we’ll also get to look at the Wii U which is also scheduled to go on show through those days.

The E3 show has been running now for 17 years and this is the first time from the start that three consoles have gone head to head. Normally one is revealed a few months before another, but in this case there will be three that will be directly comparable.

It isn’t clear what will be unveiled and we also hear pricing and release dates are not being provided. Also, we might only get a small hint such as a presentation of screenshots and moving video rather than seeing the full console. Either way, it’s a step closer to a next gen launch.


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