Hovering 4-Channel RC Jump Jet

hovering_rc_jump_jetThe Hovering RC Jump Jet is an amazing toy which you can fly around your living room. We have written about it before as a toy that’s coming soon and now it seems it’s finally available. [Read more…]

Starwars Kites

star-wars-kiteThese kites are rather good as they are shaped just like ships from Starwars. [Read more…]

SpaceShipOne in-flight Cockpit Photo

spaceship_one_cockpit_in_flightThis cool picture is an image of SpaceShipOne’s cockpit. As you can see, it’s quite a basic setup compared to other flying machines. [Read more…]

Voice Activated RC Helicopter

voice-activated-rc-helicopter-gadgetThe Voice Activated RC Helicopter is an RC helicopter that surprisingly enough… works by voice command. [Read more…]

Electric Paper Plane Launcher

electric-paper-plane-launcherI think my first thoughts were a bit harsh 🙂 For fun it’s not actually that bad of an idea. Maybe the creator could put a longer launch pad to line up a ton of planes to launch at once. [Read more…]


icon_a5The ICON A5 is a small two-seater floatplane that allows very novice pilots to fly it. The idea of the ICON A5 came around due to the FAA creating a new Light Sport Aircraft category to make flying more accessible to the general public. [Read more…]

RC Flying Saucer

rc_flying_saucerThe RC Flying Saucer is a 4-channel RC flying vehicle that uses built in accelerometers to keep it’s self stable. The technology built in gives the most stable flying experience possible with this type of RC craft. The flying saucer is not much larger then an outstretched palm. [Read more…]

Planet Protector RC Helicopter

planet-protector-rc-helicopterRC Helicopters are great fun to use, especially the indoor ones where you can be lazy and fly it around your living room. Silverlit, a popular maker of RC toys, have now created a twist to your average RC indoor helicopter. The latest in their line up of toys is named Planet Protector. Although you wont really be protecting the planet, you certainly will have fun playing with this one. [Read more…]

RC Mini Helicopter from Kyosho

minirc-helicopterKyosho have created their latest radio controlled toy which this time takes the form of a mini RC helicopter. The full name of the device is a Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset and is set to go on sale in Japan in September. [Read more…]

DIY Airplane

velocity-aircraftThis aircraft is a DIY kit which you build your self. It is named Velocity and is classified as an “experimental aircraft”. To get more details on exactly what that means I advise checking out the velocity site linked below as it relates to FAA regulations. The Velocity can carry 70 gallons of fuel, carry 4 people (depending on weight and fuel load) as well as luggage. If you are light weight passengers then you could stay aloft for 5+ hours with a range of close to 1000 nm.

The Velocity features gull-wing doors and comes in a full assembly kit which can be built in a standard 2 car garage. Velocity say it takes around 1200 hours to completely build although you can opt for their own building service which can see it built in about 800 hours.

The cost of the cheapest Velocity is $31,950 which isn’t a bad price at all to get your hands on a nice project.

Product Page Via: GearCrave

Top Gun RC Microfighter

top_gun_microfighterThis little plane is remote controlled and built like a fighter plane out of Top Gun. Just seeing the name Top Gun is enough to bring back the cheesy lines from the movie. Anyway, this RC micro fighter can do loops and other aerobatics. It is powered by 2 engines (props) which provide it enough thrust to easily fly around. Landings and take off’s can be performed also. The remote control section is a dual channel allowing for up/down and left/right as well as a throttle control.

A lithium-polymer battery can keep the micro fighter in the air for 10 minutes on a 30 minute charge which isn’t too bad.

To see a video of the Top Gun RC plane in action follow the jump.
[Read more…]

BTTF Hoverboards – Are they Real?

Back in the 80’s the cool Back to the Future films were launched. In BTTF 2 we saw Marty floating around on a hoverboard while being chased by Griff and the gang. This video looks to be an old attempt to re-enact that scene. Check it out below 🙂

Hoverboards Being Used ! Rarely Seen Footage !The best bloopers are here