SpaceShipOne in-flight Cockpit Photo

spaceship_one_cockpit_in_flightThis cool picture is an image of SpaceShipOne’s cockpit. As you can see, it’s quite a basic setup compared to other flying machines.

SpaceShipOne is the plane that made history when it managed to get to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and back down to earth in preparation for tourist flights that should be starting soon. The cockpit is very basic and just has the essentials to fly the plane unlike others that have several thousand buttons and many screens. The SpaceShipOne Cockpit just has the 1 screen with what looks to be a Garmin satnav stuck to the top of it. Cool stuff!

Check out a more detailed picture over at GearCrave.


  1. It’s nice to see the interior of this ship, it’s hard to believe just how simple the cockpit is…it’s actually quite unexpected compared to the complexity seen with some of the other aircraft out there.

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