RC Flying Saucer

rc_flying_saucerThe RC Flying Saucer is a 4-channel RC flying vehicle that uses built in accelerometers to keep it’s self stable. The technology built in gives the most stable flying experience possible with this type of RC craft. The flying saucer is not much larger then an outstretched palm.

rc_flying_saucer_controlThe RC Flying Saucer has four built in propellers to provide lift and movement. Once airborne the solid state accelerometer feeds back information to the propellers which in turn, adjust speed accordingly to keep it rock steady. Also a cool feature of this RC craft is that the accelerometer provides details to auto-trim the controls. All you need to do is power-cycle the remote and everything is balanced for you.

RC Flying Saucer Flying Tips:

1. Auto trim the saucer before each flight by power cycling the remote.
2. New pilots may find it easier to use the right/left controls on left stick for rotation, then push the right stick forward to move forward when pointing in the direction you want to go.
3. Make note of the “EZ” switch on the remote. When this switch is on, it prevents you from making fast maneuvers that may send the saucer out of control.

RC Flying Saucer Product Features

* Mini 4-propeller flying saucer features a built in accelerometer and 4-channel control
* Real 4-channel digital proportional control via IR
* Solid-State Accelerometer provides stable flight
* Auto-Trim system when power-cycling remote
* “EZ” switch on remote helps beginning pilots
* Includes 110-240V wall adapter for charging
* 20 minute charge time, 5-7 minute fly time
* Remote uses 3 AAA batteries, not included
* Dimensions: 19cm diameter, 5.5cm high

The RC Flying Saucer currently costs $79.99 over at ThinkGeek.

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