DIY Airplane

velocity-aircraftThis aircraft is a DIY kit which you build your self. It is named Velocity and is classified as an “experimental aircraft”. To get more details on exactly what that means I advise checking out the velocity site linked below as it relates to FAA regulations. The Velocity can carry 70 gallons of fuel, carry 4 people (depending on weight and fuel load) as well as luggage. If you are light weight passengers then you could stay aloft for 5+ hours with a range of close to 1000 nm.

The Velocity features gull-wing doors and comes in a full assembly kit which can be built in a standard 2 car garage. Velocity say it takes around 1200 hours to completely build although you can opt for their own building service which can see it built in about 800 hours.

The cost of the cheapest Velocity is $31,950 which isn’t a bad price at all to get your hands on a nice project.

Product Page Via: GearCrave

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