RC Mini Helicopter from Kyosho

minirc-helicopterKyosho have created their latest radio controlled toy which this time takes the form of a mini RC helicopter. The full name of the device is a Minium AD Caliber 120 Readyset and is set to go on sale in Japan in September. This little helicopter is the most advanced RC helicopter made yet as it works with a 4 channel radio bringing it inline with the full size RC helicopters we see. By having 4 channels you have the ability to manoeuvre left, right, forwards, backwards, rotate left, rotate right and move up and down which pretty much covers all you need with a helicopter.

The radio works on the 2.4GHz radio system which moves away from the more traditional infra red systems you normally see in these smaller helicopters. Pricing is not available yet, but looking at the RC unit I expect it will be a tad more then your normal tiny helicopters like the Picoz.

Via: GeekAlerts


  1. It is great! I have one and I can step on it but then it breaks! That is the only bad thing about it!

  2. This Helicopter is well.


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