Electric Paper Plane Launcher

electric-paper-plane-launcherI think my first thoughts were a bit harsh 🙂 For fun it’s not actually that bad of an idea. Maybe the creator could put a longer launch pad to line up a ton of planes to launch at once.

The whole contraption is full of bits and pieces to put it together such as plastic suction cups, pulleys, nuts, plastic rings, batteries, screws, motors and other buts and bobs. I still don’t get why it’s needed though as throwing a paper air plane is all part of the fun after building it. But from a project point of view it’s good to see something can still be created like this.

Check out the video below to see it in action…

Via: TechNaBob


  1. Gadget Living says

    This is just wrong. As you said, half the fun is learning how to throw the paper airplane correctly in order to get it to fly how you want. We really are becoming a lazy society when we can’t even be bothered to toss a paper airplane without mechanical help.

  2. I can see the point from one point of view – if you wanted to test different designs and you wanted a consistent way of launching them, then this does that. Also might be good for getting more power than you could manually. I can see your points though, it is fairly useless, but be charitable – it’s just a bit of fun…

  3. You are right Chris… it is just a bit of fun. I kind of feel bad now for complaining. LOL 🙂 I will edit the post in a few to put a better light on it.

  4. its there only for experiments, not for fun. u wouldnt need it unless u were doing an experiment and u had to keep the force of inital propelling equal – which u cant do by hand…

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