icon_a5The ICON A5 is a small two-seater floatplane that allows very novice pilots to fly it. The idea of the ICON A5 came around due to the FAA creating a new Light Sport Aircraft category to make flying more accessible to the general public.

The instrument panel on the ICON A5 is very basic and features just what is needed to allow you to see what’s going on. In fact, it actually looks like the interior of a car with a joystick instead of a wheel. The ICON A5 runs on unleaded petrol making it easy to refuel too, and the wings can be folded back to allow it to be pulled behind a car and stored at home rather then in a hanger like the usual method.

The development team who created the ICON A5 came from Scaled Composites who also designed SpaceShipOne and SpaceShipTwo… so you know you are probably going to be in good hands when it comes to build quality and safety.

The only downside to the ICON A5 that I can see is that it’s still out of reach of most people with it having a price tag of $139,000. Still very cool though!

ICON A5 Site Via: OhGizmo


  1. Outdoor Gadgets says

    This is a great concept. With all the other sport plane concepts out there, it is difficult to launch a viable plane at a reachable price, but this would work for a partnership of 2-4 people interested in getting into a float plane….er 2 at a time that is.

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