Infrant ReadyNAS NV – Full Backup Solution

Data storage has become more needed in each of our lives with digital cameras being used daily, music being downloaded, videos being watched and much more. The problem you will come across one day is that the harddrive of your computer which you store this data on will more then likely crash. If you are like me then you probably do not have backups of the data and still know inside that it would suck to loose all those precious photo memories.

The Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ is a full backup solution allowing you to store data on its drives. It has 3 USB ports, 4 x hot swap SATA drive bays. It comes in 2 configs. Either empty allowing you to purchase the discs or it comes full with 2Tb of storage available in RAID format. It connects to your home network via a gigabit ethernet port and can be used to store all your files on it.

With it having RAID functionality, this means that should a drive break down, then you just replace it with a new drive and no data is lost. This is due to the way a RAID system works. RAID puts files on more then 1 disk so that in the event of failure a new drive just gets repopulated with the files stored in a second location.

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Plasma Pong

Plasma Pong
Pong has been a well known game for many years now. It was launched by Atari in 1972 and was the first video game to become very popular although it was the second video game to be released after Computer Space. This newer version of Pong is far more advanced then the regular bat and ball you were used to on the monochrome screen. It uses plasma effects, particle, gravity and a lot of music to immerse you in to a very different game of pong.

The video below shows you how the game is played and you can see the plasma and vacuum effect that happens with your paddle to allow you to sneak the ball past the opponent. Check out the video below, and then go ahead and download the game. It is great fun to play. To play you use your mouse to move the paddle up and down the screen and clicking creates more plasma. Use the number keys to change the environment and gravity settings.

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Keyboard Wallet

Keyboard Wallet
This is one of the most uniqe home made wallets I have seen. It is built from the insides of a computer keyboard and has been folded together to make one kind of cool looking wallet.

To make one of these yourself you will need the following items…
A desktop computer keyboard (for the circuit sheet and a metal piece as a straight edge)
A screwdriver to open the keyboard
A ruler or tape measure
A cutting board or cutting mat
A razor knife
Sharp scissors
A roll of clear packing tape

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Night Vision in Colour – ColorPath Goggles

ColorPath Goggles
Most of you will be aware of the green and black effect that night time vision goggles have. As far as I can remember this has always been the same. A company named Tenebraex is working on a system to allow users of nightvision equipment to see in colour. The goggles will be sold for about 6000 dollars and directed more towards physicians in the army who up till now, see blood the same colour as water.

Here is what the company says about this device. [It] “uses one standard, green image intensifier tube to create a true, full-color image for the user. The system is also mechanical and filter based”not computer in the loop. This means that compared to other color systems, it is real time, unaffected by temperature, light weight, power frugal and low cost. The CCNVD can generate a color image down to quarter-moon light levels, At lower light levels, with the Model OP, a simple twist of a knob moves the ColorPath technology from the optical path, leaving the user with a standard, monochromatic green night vision device with all the overcast moonless night performance that he had before.

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Celsia Steam Cooler

Celsia Steam Cooler
As computers get faster, there is always a need to keep things cool with in the case. Fans are the traditional way leading on to heat sinks which all are intended to let the hot air move away from the CPU so it can continue to operate nominally. Celsia has created a new line up of cooling products. This time they are using steam to get the heat away from the processor.

They use NanoSpreaders part of which contain a small amount of water, and when they get heated up, the water turns to steam. The steam then transfers the heat to some kind of heat sink to dissipate it. As odd as it sounds, steam is one of the best heat conductors there is. They say their technology is a bit more expensive than heat pipes, but the increased efficiency should leave it cost neutral.

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Samsung USB Monitors – Syncmaster 940UX

Samsung USB Monitors
The Samsung Syncmaster 940UX is an LCD panel which connects to your PC and gets it’s signal via USB. The monitor does not have any VGA or DVI connectors on it. The 940UX can be used as any regular screen but it does have a catch. It seems like the processing is done by the CPU of the PC and not any dedicated hardware. According to Engadget up to 6 screens can be daisy chained to each other and make use of just 1 USB port on the computer. Unfortunatly doing this does not allow for much video to be processed and a beefy PC is needed.

This is a good step forwards in technology though as many devices these days connect via USB and it makes sense that a screen should also connect via USB. We will need to watch how this all pans out over the next few months and see if performance is reported as an issue, or if additional hardware is best being used to get the quality you really need on the screen.

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The SnoopStick is a way to keep track of computer usage. It seems like it is designed for those who want to keep track of their children or spouses computer habits. It is capable of holding 12 months worth of logs and has the ability to log users off, disable access to the internet.

You do not need to leave the device in the PC to use this software. All you need to do is get around 60 seconds access to the computer and you quickly install some software which comes on the memory stick. The monitoring components are supposedly hidden so that no one knows they are there. To get the information you need to just connect it to any USB port on any computer attached to the internet and it then downloads the latest logs. You do not even have to tell it what to do. Just plug it in, wait and remove it.

I personally think it’s a waste of time and if you feel you need a SnoopStick then maybe it’s time to move the computer in to a more busy room in the house 🙂

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Netgear EVA8000 – 1080p Streaming

NetGear EVA8000
Netgear have finally made the EVA8000 official. It is a wireless (802.11g) device which is capable of streaming not only MP3, WMV, WMA, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, WMV and XviD, but it can also stream video at 1080p. The EVA8000 also organises files across your network in to a library for easier and quicker access. Access to your PC is also possible using your TV remote which allows you to browse through what is on the computer in another room.

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Shutdown Day – 24 March 2007

Shutdown Day
Are you ready for shutdown day yet? Will you be switching off your computer on March 24 2007 for a full 24 hours? is attempting to see what would happen in the world if everybody switched off their computer for a whole day. Could you survive with out a computer for the day? I probably could especially with it being a Saturday. However, if they were to run this mid week then there is no chance 🙂 For full details on this day visit the site linked above and let us know if you will be shutting down for the day.

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ViewSonic PJ258D – Projector and iPod Dock

ViewSonic PJ258D
ViewSonic are known for creating some excellent displays in the computer market. The quality and design is top notch. ViewSonic have now launched an iPod dock which when I first heard about I was suprised. However, this is no ordinary iPod dock as it is actually an LCD projector. The ViewSonic PJ258D costs $999 and is a powerfull device rated at 2000 ANSI lumens. This portable projector is not aimed at the business user, but more at those who want to watch movies on the go or at home.

The iPod dock allows you to connect your iPod directly to the projector and play movies from your iPod allowing for an ultimate portable system. The screen size limit is only restricted to the size of the wall in your home and Laptopmag tested the projector fully finding that at 10 feet away you could get an 88 inch display on your wall. If you have a 20ft living room then the screen is more then 8ft high. Of course if you want to start going for that larger size of display on the wall then lighting does become an issue, so this is best when it’s night, or with the curtains shut.

Via: Laptopmag

Nokia N77

Nokia N77
The Nokia N77 is branded as a multimedia computer which is capable of receiving TV. It is a while off yet and is to be released in 2008 in th UK but strangly enough, it is hitting Ireland next month. It features a widescreen which is 2.4 inches, has 2Gb of memory and integrated stereo speakers. The camera is 2 megapixel and the phone is 3G capable as well as compatible on EDGE and GSM networks.

The phone has a built in TV button which when pressed switches on the TV with out delay. Overall it looks like a great phone and with it being an N series, you can be assured that the features will be of high quality.

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iLoad – From CD to iPod in Minutes

The iLoad was created with a simple philosophy in mind… “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”. In English this means that when you buy an iPod, then why do you need to go through the hastle of converting CD’s in iTunes and then transferring them to your iPod. The iLoad takes the middle man out of the equation by allowing you to connect your iPod direct to the media you are copying from. Basically, you plug your iPod in to it, connect the iLoad to the source and away it goes. No computer is needed. It is portable and doesnt restrict you to just iTunes.

The success of the iLoad has been great and unfortunatly orders are taking 30 days to ship (that is as of the 15th Jan 2007). However, if you are a heavy iPod user then this could definatly be good for you and worth waiting for.

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