iLoad – From CD to iPod in Minutes

The iLoad was created with a simple philosophy in mind… “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”. In English this means that when you buy an iPod, then why do you need to go through the hastle of converting CD’s in iTunes and then transferring them to your iPod. The iLoad takes the middle man out of the equation by allowing you to connect your iPod direct to the media you are copying from. Basically, you plug your iPod in to it, connect the iLoad to the source and away it goes. No computer is needed. It is portable and doesnt restrict you to just iTunes.

The success of the iLoad has been great and unfortunatly orders are taking 30 days to ship (that is as of the 15th Jan 2007). However, if you are a heavy iPod user then this could definatly be good for you and worth waiting for.

Via: iLoad

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