Wireless USB

Wireless USB
Since the launch of USB, this connectivity has enabled around 2 billion USB wired devices to be sold around the world. The time has now come to drop these wires while enjoying high speed transfers wireless style. Wireless USB is capable of transferring data at 480Mbps at a 3m range and 110Mbps at a 10m range. If you are like me and have a number of USB devices connected to your computer then the benefits are obvious. Digital cameras, iPods and a number of other USB devices soon stack up and the cables can become a mess. By using WUSB you are able to flick a switch, see the device connect and transfer the files.
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If your looking for a small computer with a good spec then maybe the Seamless S-XGen UMPC needs to be on your list to consider! It is certainly appeals to the eye, is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big enough to use without feeling like its a mobile phone – and it certainly offers more capability than your mobile phone too!……
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XWpen – By Microsoft

A few years back, researchers at Microsoft created the XWPen. The XWpen was an interesting device which had a built in handwriting recording circuit which could fit in the space that and ink cartridge would take. The circuit has a tilt sensor which tracks movement of the pen. By transmitting this information to a computer near by it can then put what you write or scribble down on to the screen. It uses an RS232 port on the PC to track this via a radio transmitter at 1200 baud rate.
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Skype Competition

Skype Phone
If you would like to win one of these Skype USB phones then read on. Before I pass on details of Skype’s little competition I will pass along a quick review of the above phone. I purchased one of these as a gift for a family member at christmas and it does exactly what it should. You basically plug it in, install the drivers and then you have full control over skype from the USB phone. If you push the red phone then skype minimises, if you push the skype button then it loads back up. You then have the option of scrolling through the contacts list on screen, or entering a number to dial. It is very basic and has no screen it’s self. If you are looking for a basic phone to make outbound calls then the US Robotics phone is an ideal choice at a good price.

Competition details after the jump.
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Multi Vehicle SWARMS at MIT

Vehicle Tracking
The Quad Rotor multi vehicle flight test is running to see if 2 vehicles can fly together and track what is happening on the ground. The UAVs fly around controlled by a ground computer and can detect stationary and moving objects. Once detected they can be set to follow the moving object and if the object moves in to another zone then a different UAV can take over. This project is run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and they are trying to build a fully automated system for ground surveillance and it seems they are making great headway. The link at the bottom of this article points you in the direction of some demonstrations and you will see that it’s working very well!

Multi Vehicle

Via: MIT

DigiMemo A402

DigiMemo A402
The DigiMemo is a great idea that uses the good old paper and a fancy pen but can then digitise the notes in to digital form. It contains 32Mb memory which is capable of holding 160 pages of notes and a compact flash slot which boosts this up to 999 pages stored. The digitised pages can then be transferred to your computer and used as notes or what ever you wish. The battery life of the device is good also. It can work for 100 hours before needing a charge. The cost of the device is 110 pounds in the UK from Selwyn Electronics.

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Siemens Road Sign Reader

This new technology from Siemens looks interesting. It is designed for your car and has a camera built in which reads road signs, processes the image, displays the speed on your screen and tells you if you are over or under the spead limit for that particular road. It makes me wonder if it can detect the good old national speed limit signs here in the UK which can mean either 60 or 70 depending on what type of road you are on 🙂

Siemens Road Sign Reader

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Nokia N75 Introduced

Nokia today announced the new Nokia N75 at Nokia Open Studio 2006, NEW YORK. The N75 phone is the smallest multimedia computer offering digital music playback, high quality photos and rich internet communication. The N75 is a clamshell device which is thin and elegant in looks. Also the phone boasts Nokia’s easy to use interface.

Nokia N75

Nokia N75 Features

When the device is closed you will see a reflective 1.36″ colour display which shows you the music you are playing which is just a button push away. Various music formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA are supported and the N75 also has a graphic equalizer. Standard features sych as shuffle and repeat are also included. On a 2Gb card around 1500 songs can be stored. The N75 has stereo speakers built in which also have a 3D option to make the sound come out around you.

Built in is a 2 Megapixel camera (1600 x 1200). The main screen is a 2.4″ LCD with 16M colours. Stacks of other features such as MPEG video recording are packed in to this phone.

Enhanced web browsing has also been included with some software which allows the browser to use RSS feeds and also allows web pages to be loaded as they should look by shrinking them down.

On the connectivity side we can see that there is EDGE, 3G (WCDMA 850/1900MHz), GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) which all ads up to some seriously nice connectivity accross the board.

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Anti Spam Appliance

Fed up of Spam in the office? The anti spam appliance named SpamCube is about to change that. The device costs $150 and sits on your network and can block spam for up to 4 computers although I am sure the technical minded can switch this behind a router and filter the whole office email out.

No word yet on subscription prices for the spam definitions update but for $150 the device could save an office way more then that in productivity. I sometimes spend 30 minutes in the morning just filtering out the junk from the good stuff.

More details of the anti spam appliance can be found below.


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s-Dream Wireless Music System

We all like the idea of wireless devices 🙂 They make life so much easier and lazy which can be a bad thing I guess 🙂


The s-Dream connects to your PC and streams the music you play anywhere around your house or garden. The pack comes with 3 parts which are needed to make this work. You start with the chic USB transmitter which you connect to your computer or laptop. Then there is the powerful receiver which can connect to your stereo speakers any where in your house and then you have a very nifty and small remote control which allows you to adjust volume, tracks, genre, what ever you like really from anywhere in the house. It’s a smart device!!! It utilizes the Music Anywhere(tm) wireless technology which provides crystal-clear digital audio.

s-Dream Drawing.jpg

This device is available now at Firebox.com

Suunto D6 Dive Computer Watch

Suunto have released their D6 dive computer watch. From the picture below it looks to be a great watch. It sports many functions which divers will find useful. 3 modes are included which has a Gas switching system, an integrated digital compass and Suunto’s RGBM deep stop algorithm. The display is crisp and it provides all the information you need such as depth, time, direction and your decompression status.

The watch can connect to a PC so you can analyse your diving data.


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Dell XCS

This concept design of a Dell computer kind of looks ok. It is designed to accomodate for those who fear performing upgrades to their PC’s. It has a modular design and shaped so that components cannot be pushed in to the wrong place.


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