Samsung USB Monitors – Syncmaster 940UX

Samsung USB Monitors
The Samsung Syncmaster 940UX is an LCD panel which connects to your PC and gets it’s signal via USB. The monitor does not have any VGA or DVI connectors on it. The 940UX can be used as any regular screen but it does have a catch. It seems like the processing is done by the CPU of the PC and not any dedicated hardware. According to Engadget up to 6 screens can be daisy chained to each other and make use of just 1 USB port on the computer. Unfortunatly doing this does not allow for much video to be processed and a beefy PC is needed.

This is a good step forwards in technology though as many devices these days connect via USB and it makes sense that a screen should also connect via USB. We will need to watch how this all pans out over the next few months and see if performance is reported as an issue, or if additional hardware is best being used to get the quality you really need on the screen.

Via: Fosfor and Engadget

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