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ColorPath Goggles
Most of you will be aware of the green and black effect that night time vision goggles have. As far as I can remember this has always been the same. A company named Tenebraex is working on a system to allow users of nightvision equipment to see in colour. The goggles will be sold for about 6000 dollars and directed more towards physicians in the army who up till now, see blood the same colour as water.

Here is what the company says about this device. [It] “uses one standard, green image intensifier tube to create a true, full-color image for the user. The system is also mechanical and filter based‚ÄĚnot computer in the loop. This means that compared to other color systems, it is real time, unaffected by temperature, light weight, power frugal and low cost. The CCNVD can generate a color image down to quarter-moon light levels, At lower light levels, with the Model OP, a simple twist of a knob moves the ColorPath technology from the optical path, leaving the user with a standard, monochromatic green night vision device with all the overcast moonless night performance that he had before.

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