The SnoopStick is a way to keep track of computer usage. It seems like it is designed for those who want to keep track of their children or spouses computer habits. It is capable of holding 12 months worth of logs and has the ability to log users off, disable access to the internet.

You do not need to leave the device in the PC to use this software. All you need to do is get around 60 seconds access to the computer and you quickly install some software which comes on the memory stick. The monitoring components are supposedly hidden so that no one knows they are there. To get the information you need to just connect it to any USB port on any computer attached to the internet and it then downloads the latest logs. You do not even have to tell it what to do. Just plug it in, wait and remove it.

I personally think it’s a waste of time and if you feel you need a SnoopStick then maybe it’s time to move the computer in to a more busy room in the house 🙂

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  1. True, parents should consider moving the computer to a busier room in the house, but we’ve found there are times when parents are out or asleep for the night and kids manage to gain access to the computer at those times.

    A good filtering program can manage the worst of what’s out there, but SnoopStick serves a different purpose — remind the kids that Mom or Dad may be “looking over their shoulder” even if they’re out.

    I’m not sure this gadget has a lot of value for its intended purpose, but I felt combining its use with a strong filtering program is better than taking our computers with us whenever we leave the livingroom 😉

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