ViewSonic PJ258D – Projector and iPod Dock

ViewSonic PJ258D
ViewSonic are known for creating some excellent displays in the computer market. The quality and design is top notch. ViewSonic have now launched an iPod dock which when I first heard about I was suprised. However, this is no ordinary iPod dock as it is actually an LCD projector. The ViewSonic PJ258D costs $999 and is a powerfull device rated at 2000 ANSI lumens. This portable projector is not aimed at the business user, but more at those who want to watch movies on the go or at home.

The iPod dock allows you to connect your iPod directly to the projector and play movies from your iPod allowing for an ultimate portable system. The screen size limit is only restricted to the size of the wall in your home and Laptopmag tested the projector fully finding that at 10 feet away you could get an 88 inch display on your wall. If you have a 20ft living room then the screen is more then 8ft high. Of course if you want to start going for that larger size of display on the wall then lighting does become an issue, so this is best when it’s night, or with the curtains shut.

Via: Laptopmag

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