Nikon D3 – Chopped in Half

inside-a-nikon-d3Nikon are one of the big players in the digital SLR market, so for some these images might hurt. At the Tokyo Eco Products convention that was held in December 2008 a Nikon D3 was cut in half and put on display.

inside-a-nikon-d3-topThe pictures of the camera cut in half were actually taken by a Nikon D60 and show the amazing technology that goes in to creating a DSLR and the technology of how the lens actually works. Check out the detail in the below shots to see exactly what is inside the Nikon D3 camera. Simply amazing!


The Nikon D3 is available at Amazon… but it’s not the cut in half version 😉

Via: TokyoBling


  1. That looks so cool! I’ve never seen lenses shaped like that before. Bet they’d be amazing at burning things =P

  2. David Hardwick Photography says

    This is interesting. How complicated is this D3. I am happy that mine is still in 2 halves (stuck together).

  3. Ryan McCarthy says

    Hey guys, next time you want to cut a d3 in half, can you just give it to me instead?


  4. Yeah, but I bet the pictures don’t come out so good, now. And is the price 50% off? Lot of questions to be answered here before I buy one. Or a half one.

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