D-Link Home Security Cams Launched

dcs-2121-wireless-camD-Link has launched a couple of new home security cameras named the DCS-2121 and the DCS-910. The DCS-2121 is a wireless camera while the lower end model, the DCS-910 requires a wired connection to function.

The DCS-2121 has built in audio that works in full duplex. The idea here could be to monitor children and hear/speak to them if needed. Also the camera has low light recording as well as MPEG-4 recording. The lower end DCS-910 is very similar but requires that it be connected via an Ethernet connection.

Software is supplied with each camera and is named D-ViewCam 2.0. What this software does is allow you to watch up to 32 video streams at the same time making is beneficial for an office based camera system.

More details are available over on the D-Link website.

Via: Coated

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