Minoru 3D Webcam

3d-webcam3D is making a comeback in the world. With a bunch of 3D TVs becoming available there seems to be a push for adding that extra dimension to viewing a movie. This webcam follows along this vein and has become the worlds first 3D webcam to be made.

3d-webcam-screenBy using 2 lenses at what seems to be the average eye distance apart, the 3D webcam can create images and movies in 3D. To view the images you need to wear the red and blue glasses that come provided (unless you want to dig out the ones you used when Jaws 3D was at the cinema). You then record away after setting the red and blue levels and all the 3D goodness is yours to see.

As well as working as a webcam you can take 3D pictures and upload 3D movies to youtube. Also, if you prefer not to use the 3D all the time then you can switch to standard 2D mode too.

The 3D webcam is available from Firebox and costs £49.95.


  1. Screen Sleuth says

    What is it with 3D right now? Silly and really underdeveloped technology makes a comeback…Jaws 3D (Jaws 3), officially one of the dullest actual movies on record. I’ve fallen asleep trying to complete watching it 3 times now, no joke.

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