Skype for iPhone Gets Video Calls

Skype for the iPhone has received an update bringing it up to version 3.0. This is the very same version we reported on a couple of days ago that had leaked on one of the Skype websites.

What Skype 3.0 brings to the iPhone is video calling, but video calling isn’t restricted to just WiFi, good news here is that Skype allow video calls over WiFi and 3G.

Two-Way video calls can be established between various devices including the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th gen although on the 3GS the rear camera will need to be used which doesn’t help things. [Read more…]

Windows Phone Market Place Hits 5,000 Apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace appears to be off to quite a good start. We hear reports today that there are now a total of 5,000 apps in the Market ready for users of WP7 smartphones to download.

To put this in to a bit of perspective, webOS has a similar amount of apps if we understand correctly. The BlackBerry App World has around 15,000 at the moment and Android/iOS each have a huge amount of apps available for download. [Read more…]

Skype to Bring Video Calls to iPhone 4

The message above shows what we could be seeing early next year… that is video calls on Skype on a Verizon iPhone if the image is to be believed.

As well as posting the image above on the Skype website, some documents were also posted that provided details on how to use video calls on the iPhone 4 using Skype. [Read more…]

iPad Mini Spotted Again

Just before Christmas, pictures of a mini iPad (perhaps a 7 inch screen) were circulated around the internet. Although it couldn’t be confirmed if it was the real deal or not, it did look quite convincing in that the proportions were about right, the bezel was quite thin and you could see iOS (or a photograph of iOS) running on the screen.

Late Christmas day, we received a tip from Edd Withers who claims he was sent more pictures of a mini iPad. Although we’d love to think they were the real thing, they just don’t quite convince us as much as we want. [Read more…]

NikeWoman Training Club for iPhone Updated

Nike has launched a number of apps for iOS based devices, more specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch. These include Nike+ GPS, Nike BOOM as well as a number of Football apps. The latest is the NikeWoman Training Club app that acts as a personal trainer for users.

The app size is a healthy 655MB in size which is due to a number of training videos that are included in the app which assist you in exercising correctly. [Read more…]

New iPad 2 Rumors Point Towards Thinner Bezel and Larger Speaker

Some new iPad 2 rumors are floating around today. This time the rumors hint at a thinner bezel all around as well as a flat back and a larger speaker.

The thinner bezel has been described as being 3mm thinner with the device also said to still have a 9.7 inch display just like the current model. This makes the iPad a little smaller in dimensions and brings it to 239x186mm down from 242.8 x 189.7. [Read more…]

Skype Downtime Acknowledged by Skype

Today, Skype went down for many users across the globe. For most people an error popped up while trying to log in. For those who can log in, it often shows no friends online.

Skype has acknowledged the downtime in a blog post over here. [Read more…]

Sky+ for iPhone Updated to Work with iPad

The Sky+ app for the iPhone is a handy piece of software that lets you connect it up to your Sky+ account and remotely record TV shows. The app has just received an update today that now makes it fully compatible with the iPad.

The iPad version is very similar to the iPhone version although it does have a few differences. This includes the obvious larger screen real estate usage that makes it easier to see what’s on over the next 7 days. Also in the iPad version a new Highlights system can be found that shows the top 10 shows for the day. [Read more…]

WarnLaser Razor Series Violet Laser Review

We recently received a violet laser for review to see what it can do and what it’s all about. Receiving a violet laser is a welcomed change to the many green lasers we have seen over the last few years.

One quick warning before we continue. The violet laser is rated too high to be classed as a laser pointer to be used for presentations, so if you are wanting to use one for that, look at something with a lower output. Also, don’t be stupid and point it at people or any moving objects.

The laser we received is rated at 20mW (the lowest in this range) and when switched on, it gives off a slightly blue color although that depends on the surface you are pointing it at. This particular laser isn’t powerful enough to clearly see the beam like you can on the larger 125mW green lasers, so for star gazing you best stick with green. [Read more…]

Nintendo Wii 2 Will not be 3D

We are hearing reports today that the next generation Nintendo Wii console will not offer 3D gaming like previously thought.

The reason for this is that not enough people have 3D TV’s in their home which makes it a less viable idea. Also we hear that a successor to the Wii is not coming any time soon which could indicate we wont see it for at least another couple of years. We also have yet to hear of a PS4 or next gen Xbox 360 2 (or 720 as some refer to it as). [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S Review

Samsung Galaxy S a Smart Move

True iPhone Competitor

Samsung have a great phone here, and an even greater opportunity to take a bigger chunk of the prosperous smartphone market, especially with current issues the iPhone 4 users are experiencing.

Straight out of the box the first thing we notice is the phone is lightweight and slim with more than decent build quality, I have read others compare it to the iPhone 3GS in feel and look but I’d have to disagree and say that’s like comparing the design of a wood encased Atari to the all black plastic design of an Atari 2600, they’re not as close in looks as they are in function, and while the original Atari was new, sleek, and modern at its release, the 2600 was clearly a better design and very up to date.

Turning on the Galaxy S is easy, there are really only two options, a small control button on the right side of the phone which would have been better placed on top beside the sliding USB port door, or what appeared and eventually turned out to be, the rocker type volume control on the left. Once the initial wallpaper appears there’s a moment similar to the recent Staples commercials advertising low prices, ‘Whoa! That’s a crisp image!, while the iPhone 4 may cram in the most pixels per square inch of screen realty it does not match the vivid quality of the Samsung AMOLED equipped Galaxy S. [Read more…]

Kat Matrix G-Force Meter Review have sent us the Kat Matrix G-Force meter for review. This small palm sized gadget has a large LCD screen which displays large characters showing your acceleration, cornering, horsepower and G-Forces. Lets check it out as cars and G-Forces are certainly things that interest me. [Read more…]