Notion Ink Adam Beginning to Ship

What we see here is a bunch of Notion Ink Adam tablets being prepared to ship today.

The FCC and CE recently approved the new tablet computer which now means Notion Ink can start shipping.

For those who were told their shipments would be in February, Notion Ink is changing this so that now all shipments show as being in January. [Read more…]

Sprint to Introduct $10 Data Fee for New Customers

Beginning January 30th this year, Sprint will introduce a $10 fee for users of 3G data plans. This fee will apply to new customers only although this might effect customers who come to renew their contract after the said date.

The $10 fee is a monthly charge and is another way to charge users more for data. As we reported earlier today, 10 percent of users are responsible for 90% of the data usage. Rather than going for the 10 percent, which we guess they can’t do if they offered the terms of the contract, Sprint seems to be spreading the charge amongst all 100% of 3G data users. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Case Shows Up Online

Another new iPad 2 case has been found at a Chinese accessory supplier. This particular case is different from the other iPad 2 case we saw a few months back in that it has different set of cutouts which give away a few things.

The new case indicates that an SD card slot is being added to the next gen iPad. Also, indications of a DisplayPort jack are also seen on the top of the case. [Read more…]

Users Download an Average of 60 Apps Per Apple Device

Last week, Apple announced that the App Store was about to hit 10 billion downloads since its launch. Along with that announcement the company also will be offering $10,000 USD to the person who downloads the 10 billionth application.

To move on past that news Asymco, a market intelligence site, has done a bit of number crunching and calculated that on average, each device that can connect to the App Store has downloaded an average of 60 apps. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Camera Almost Confirmed in iOS 4.3

Since the launch of iOS 4.3 beta 1 a couple of days ago, a number of people have been snooping around the SDK and files to see what is available. A lot of hints can be found in the SDK that reveal what’s coming soon so to speak.

The next item to be found is a couple of shutter screens that are seen on all iOS devices with a camera. The difference with these screenshots is the size of them. Both the portrait and landscape versions have an image size of 1024 x 768 pixels which is the same size as the current iPad display. You might note here that this could indicate that the iPad 2 might not get a higher pixel density screen, or Apple might have just put these in as test images which in time, will be replaced with the actual resolution for the iPad 2 (which is still unknown). [Read more…]

Notion Ink Adam Tablet Delayed Again Thanks to FCC Certification

The Notion Ink Adam tablet has faced even more delays. This time the problem is due to the FCC certification details not being ready to be printed on the device. Notion Ink comment that the tablets are ready to ship but that they are not allowed to be shipped until the numbers are printed on the back of each device.

The full text of the email, received by a number of people, is below… [Read more…]

Windows Phone 7 NES Emulator Banned from Market

A new NES emulator for the Windows Phone 7 platform has been created. However, it wasn’t approved for the Marketplace for the reason quoted below…

If you post a game/image/source that uses unauthorized intellectual property, we will delete it immediately. This includes technologies that are clearly intended to enable unauthorized use of intellectual property, such as game console emulators.

[Read more…]

Vizio Via Tablet and Phone Spotted in Ad

Last night, Vizio showed a Rose Bowl advert that dropped hints of a new tablet and smartphone arriving soon. The advert shows a tablet being used hinting that you’ll be able to watch content on their new devices launching soon.

The Vizio Via Tablet has an 8 inch display while the Vizio Via Phone has a 4 inch display. Each will run the Android operating system when they launch. [Read more…]

Toshiba Android Tegra 2 Tablet Announced

Plenty of tablet news out today in preparation for CES 2011. From what we see hitting news sites, it looks like Android Tablets willreally start to move in a good direction over 2011.

Next up is an announcement from Toshiba who has announced a Tegra 2 based tablet that has been designed to run Android Honeycomb when it launches.

The tablet has a 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. The screen is capacitive touch and uses “Adaptive Display technology”. Other sensors on this particular tablet includes an accelerometer and an ambient light sensor. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S Smartphones Hit 10 Million Sales

Samsung has announced that the Galaxy S range of smartphones have hit 10 million in sales since the launch in 2010.

According to the numbers calculated by Samsung, the company has successfully sold one Galaxy S every 2 seconds since its original launch date about 7 months ago. [Read more…]

Third-Gen Amazon Kindle is All-Time Best Seller

Amazon has announced that the third-generation Amazon Kindle has now become the all-time bestseller at Amazon. The Kindle managed to beat Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that previously held the record.

The Amazon Kindle 3rd gen model is available in two different versions which includes a WiFi only model and a 3G+WiFi model. The 3G model lets you download books from anywhere you can get a 3G signal making it handy for those who like to download books and news whilst on the move. [Read more…]

Rooted Nook Color Gets Amazon Kindle App

Users of the Nook Color from Barnes & Noble now have an interesting way to read books. Rather than reading B&N books only, it is now possible to install the Amazon Kindle app on the Nook and use books designed for the Kindle on the Nook.

Achieving this requires that you root the Nook Color by installing an image on your microSD card. Once installed, you get the Kindle App for Android as well as several other Android apps such as YouTube, GMail and others. [Read more…]