WarnLaser Razor Series Violet Laser Review

We recently received a violet laser for review to see what it can do and what it’s all about. Receiving a violet laser is a welcomed change to the many green lasers we have seen over the last few years.

One quick warning before we continue. The violet laser is rated too high to be classed as a laser pointer to be used for presentations, so if you are wanting to use one for that, look at something with a lower output. Also, don’t be stupid and point it at people or any moving objects.

The laser we received is rated at 20mW (the lowest in this range) and when switched on, it gives off a slightly blue color although that depends on the surface you are pointing it at. This particular laser isn’t powerful enough to clearly see the beam like you can on the larger 125mW green lasers, so for star gazing you best stick with green.

The laser dot isn’t as focussed as the green version either with the dot being about 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter at about 30 feet. It works ok in doors and can be used to point things out in buildings if needed. Other uses could include long exposure shots at night where you draw out patterns with the laser.

The actual laser it’s self is built well. It is matte black in color and has two ends. One for batteries and the other protects the laser diode. A clip on the edge allows you to attach it to a pocket. The violet laser takes two AAA batteries (not included).

Overall it works well. I still can’t say I get the full reason for wanting to own one of these other than it’s different as in it’s not green or red that you normally see.

The violet laser can be purchased at Warn Laser where it costs $79.99 for the model we had. Before any purchase we also recommend you research to see if it is legal in your country. Just remember, it isn’t a toy and shouldn’t be used that way.

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