Kat Matrix G-Force Meter Review

g-force-meterGeeks.com have sent us the Kat Matrix G-Force meter for review. This small palm sized gadget has a large LCD screen which displays large characters showing your acceleration, cornering, horsepower and G-Forces. Lets check it out as cars and G-Forces are certainly things that interest me.

In the Kat Matrix Box

In the box you get the G-Force meter, manual, AAA batteries to power the device and a mounting bracket for your windshield. Once the batteries are inserted you are almost ready to go. Just a few steps are needed to initially set up the device, although these are optional steps which are not needed for the main function of the device. The device needs to be attached to the windshield of your car in the middle of the car for correct function with a tilt of no more then 30 degrees. Calibration can automatically correct any tilt below the 30 degree cut off.

What the G-Force Meter Does

The Kat Matrix has a 3-axis accelerometer built in which is responsible for measuring the forces on the XYZ axis. When switching the device on you are immediately presented with the G-Force readout. This first readout is what displays the G-Force’s being pulled in the car while cornering, accelerating and braking. Pushing the power on button (which doubles up as a Mode button) you are then switched to the 1/4 Mile screen and a second push takes you to the 0-60MPH while a 3rd push takes you back to the beginning G-Force readouts.

G-Force Readings

When the device is in G-Force mode you see 4 zeros (.00 .00) with an arrow facing up or down next to the left digits and an arrow pointing left or right on the right hand digits. When movement happens in a forward, backward, left or right the numbers represent the G-Forces which it is being subject to. The higher the number the higher the G-Forces you are experiencing. The arrows represent the direction the g-force is being applied, ie, left or right, forwards or backwards. The 3rd axis is just used to calibrate on this device and allows for some tilt of the screen when attached to the windscreen.

If you want to use the 1/4 mile or 0 to 60 modes you will need to configure the device with the parameters of your vehicle. You need to enter the weight of the car (including any loads like fuel and the driver/passengers) and also what speed ranges your peak horse power is pushed out. All this information can be found in your handbook. What the information does is allows the device to calculate how quick you get to 60 MPH, or when you have travelled 1/4 of a mile.

The timer on these 2 modes starts automatically when you plant your foot on the accelerator.


As can be seen in the picture above, the device is a very handy size and is completely portable too with it being battery powered. I have been using this meter for a couple of weeks now and the batteries are still going strong. Costing just $59.99 I find it is a VERY good price for what you get, especially if you have good uses for a device like this on track days.

Available at Geeks.com – Kat Matrix Cordless Automotive Performance Meter

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