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Thunderbolt Development Kits Promised by Intel – Coming This Quarter

Back on February 24 we saw the launch of the new Apple MacBook Pro line and along with that, the launch of the Thunderbolt port that allows for data to be transferred at high speed to connected devices. At the moment, the only way to use Thunderbolt technology is to buy a new MacBook Pro as well as a compatible Thunderbolt device, of which there are not actually that many (or any) about just yet.

This could all soon change though as Intel is now opening up. Thunderbolt and will be releasing development kits which will allow others to use the technology. The launch of the development kits would see the amount of products available quickly accelerate.

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Four Major UK Networks Confirm HTC Sensation Launch

Four of the main networks in the UK have now confirmed that they will be offering the new HTC Sensation. Vodafone was the first to announce the launch and also commented that it will be launching in May on its network.

Following on from that, we now learn that Orange, T-Mobile and Three will also be offering the device although probably not till June of this year. We suspect Orange and T-Mobile will launch around the same time due to them being under the header “Everything Everywhere”. As for the Three network, the company only says that it will launch sometime in the summer.

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Microsoft Streetside Will Arrive in Europe Soon

Microsoft has begun photographing Europe with its camera cars. The service is called Streetside and has been available in the US since December 2009. The service is described as being a direct competitor to the popular Google StreetView service.

Microsoft set out camera cars yesterday in London to capture images of the streets and map them in to a virtual world. When the camera cars have finished in London, they will then start tackling major cities across Europe although Microsoft is taking a slightly different approach in that it will only capture major cities and attractions rather than every single road across Europe like Google does.

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Google Announces Pagination for Docs

Google Docs is being further enhanced by adding pagination to the Word Processor. The new update rolled out to all Google Docs accounts yesterday and now allows users to see virtual pages, just like you would see in a desktop word processor.

By including pagination on all documents, it also allows for titles to be on each page as well as foot notes, where used, as well as the ability to add manual page breaks to your documents.

Just like a desktop word processor, Google Docs also allows you to switch the pagination feature on and off giving you the ability to view a constant stream of text if you desire.

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HTC Sensation 4G Details Announced

I have mentioned the HTC Pyramid previously and over the last few months, we’ve seen technical specs leak and we’ve seen a render of the device. We now have the full and official details. What we learn is that the new device will be called the HTC Sensation 4G.

The specs mentioned back in February hinted at a dual-core 1.2GHz processor from Qualcomm. The chip was identified as the MSM 8260 processor and we actually find that the same processor has made it in to the official specifications. The other detail leaked about the device was the screen which was leaked as a 4.3 inch qHD display and we also find that these details are also correct. The screen will have a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. The screen is in a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9.

New details show that when launched, it will run the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and that it will come with 1GB of internal memory as well as 768MB of RAM.

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Internet Explorer 10 Preview Launches

Just a month ago, Microsoft [MSFT] launched Internet Explorer 9. The new browser launched quite well with a couple of million downloads in the first 24 hours. IE9 brings HTML5 to the browser as well as a more modern appearance and a big step up from IE8 and previous versions.

We now hear that Microsoft has launched a preview of Internet Explorer 10 and with it, it will include the features that arrived in IE9 along with some new hardware support such as acceleration which will help increase the speed of browsing the Internet.

To let you know what’s going on with the development of the latest test browser, Microsoft has created a test center that provides details of all the features that it is currently working on.

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Cisco Flip Shutting Down

You are probably more than aware of Flip cameras. Over the last few years, the company behind the camera became quite popular in the blogosphere due to the cameras they created that could easily connect to a USB port on a computer transfer captured video to YouTube and other video services.

The company originally behind it was Pure Digital Technologies who sold out to Cisco for $590 million. We now hear that Cisco is closing the division down and along with it, 550 employees will also go. [Read more…]

Samsung Announced Galaxy S2 Release Date for UK – May 1

The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be launching in the UK on May 1. Samsung made the announcement today where it also confirmed that it will be made available on all networks.

The Galaxy S2 is the next generation model from the Galaxy S that launched last year. It includes an improved screen that is still Super AMOLED, but also carries the Plus name on the end of it.

The operating system running on the S2 will be Android 2.3 Gingerbread. [Read more…]

G-Form iPad Case Protects Screen from 12lb Bowling Ball

Cases for the iPad come in all different designs. What makes one better than another is the ability to keep the tablet safe when dropping the iPad, or dropping something on the iPad.

G-Form has built an iPad case that is capable of protecting the screen from a 12lb bowling ball dropped from 3 feet on to it. To show us what it can do, Tom Cafaro has set up a test where two iPads are used. The first is protected by a rigid case with the second iPad using a G-Form case. [Read more…]

Ex Nintendo and Activision PR Staff Hired by Apple – Rumor

Today, we hear that Apple could be hiring some new staff. This would normally not be too exciting although this time, we hear that the staff being hired are ex Nintendo and Activision PR staff.

The Nintendo staff member is Rob Saunders who was Nintendo UK’s head of PR. It is expected that his role will be related to PR and that the work will revolve around gaming on the iOS platform. [Read more…]

TomTom Pro 9150 GPS Launches – Includes Vehicle Tracking

TomTom has launched the TomTom PRO 9150 GPS unit. The new satnav unit includes a 5 inch screen and has been designed for business users. As well as being able to show drivers the best route to travel, the unit also works with WORKsmart and allows real-time communication to an office which in turn, can let management know where its drivers are.

This might seem a bit obtrusive for some, but for a business it allows the company to work more efficiently such as working out which driver is closest to a call out. Rather than having to phone around, the main office can speak direct to a driver who could be minutes away from a call out. [Read more…]

Adobe Software Can Now be Rented – Photoshop $35/Month

If the licenses for Adobe software are a little too much to swallow at once, Adobe is now giving the option of renting its software. Rather than paying the full $699 for a Photoshop license, you have the option of paying either $49/month with no contract or if you agree to 12 months upfront, you can pay $35/month.

Various software packages are available which includes the already mentioned Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Premiere and After Effects. A full chart of pricing can be found below. [Read more…]