Four Major UK Networks Confirm HTC Sensation Launch

Four of the main networks in the UK have now confirmed that they will be offering the new HTC Sensation. Vodafone was the first to announce the launch and also commented that it will be launching in May on its network.

Following on from that, we now learn that Orange, T-Mobile and Three will also be offering the device although probably not till June of this year. We suspect Orange and T-Mobile will launch around the same time due to them being under the header “Everything Everywhere”. As for the Three network, the company only says that it will launch sometime in the summer.

As mentioned earlier, the HTC Sensation will launch with Android 2.3 installed. It will have the same 1.2GHz CPU that the Sensation 4G does in the T-Mobile network in the US. It will also have the qHD screen that measures 4.3 inches.

The only network that hasn’t confirmed just yet in the UK is O2, but thanks to 4 other options being available as networks, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good solution for yourself.

What we don’t know at the moment is how much it will cost and on what length of contract. Expect it to be somewhere around the £30 – £35/month price point with a free or less than £100 handset at a very rough estimate.

Source: Twitter

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