G-Form iPad Case Protects Screen from 12lb Bowling Ball

Cases for the iPad come in all different designs. What makes one better than another is the ability to keep the tablet safe when dropping the iPad, or dropping something on the iPad.

G-Form has built an iPad case that is capable of protecting the screen from a 12lb bowling ball dropped from 3 feet on to it. To show us what it can do, Tom Cafaro has set up a test where two iPads are used. The first is protected by a rigid case with the second iPad using a G-Form case.

You can probably guess what happens to the non-G-Form case, but if you’re not sure, check out the video below to see the painful drop and the damage it causes. On a positive note, the other case protects the iPad extremely well… not that we recommend dropping a 12lb bowling ball on your iPad any time soon.

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