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Android Smartphones to Get Video Chat

Google has announced that Google Talk is being updated to include video chat. The update will begin rolling out to Nexus S owners in the coming weeks and following that, any device that supports Android 2.3 and has the correct hardware, meaning a camera, will also be getting the update.

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Apple Responds to Location Data Questions

Over the last week it was revealed that the Apple iPhone and 3G iPad was storing location data within an unencrypted file on the iPhone/iPad and any computer that the device syncs to with iTunes. Apple has now responded to a number of questions to explain why it does this and what it will do about the amount of data that is being kept.

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Apple to Launch White iPhone 4 April 28

Apple has finally announced that the white iPhone 4 is going on sale. The launch comes 9 months after the original date and we’ll see it, as of tomorrow, being sold in 28 countries around the world.

“The white iPhone 4 has finally arrived and it’s beautiful,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “We appreciate everyone who has waited patiently while we’ve worked to get every detail right.”

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MacBook Pro Could Get a Redesign

When Apple launches the MacBook Pro revision next year, we could finally be seeing a new design. Over the past few years, Apple has made few changes to the design of the MacBook Pro which would make the next version a step away from the norm. The usual route that Apple go is just providing a bit of an increase in speed/RAM and graphics. This time around, it is expected to be quite a bit more.

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Sony Announce Two New Tablets

Sony has announced a couple of new tablets that resemble previous leaked details from back in February.

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iPhone 5 Digitizer Panel Hints at a Larger Edge to Edge Display

The part pictured below is believed to be the digitizer panel for the iPhone 5. If real, we see that it appears to be a similar design to the iPhone 4 although the bezel around the edges of the screen are actually smaller on all 4 edges. This lines up with rumours about the iPhone 5 screen being 4 inches rather than the regular 3.5 inches we have seen in all generations of the smartphone so far.

We don’t know for sure if the digitizer is real and to be honest, we don’t know how large the full part is, but we suspect it is a very similar size to the current iPhone 4 and that the extra half an inch will be gained by slimming down the bezel on the device. By doing this, Apple will be keeping competitive with the current Android devices that often have larger screens.

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Retina Display Could Arrive on MacBook and iMac

Over the weekend, some artwork was found within the latest Mac OS X Lion build that hints at higher resolution Retina Displays (or at least higher resolution displays) arriving in the coming year. A number of icons were found that broke the regular 512×512 size that are available in current builds. Instead, icons with a resolution of 1024×1024 were found along with a background that has a 3200×3200 resolution. At the moment, no Apple product has a resolution that high.

At the moment there is no need for icons to have a 1024×1024 pixel size which makes us, and others, believe that Apple could increase the pixel density of the iMac and perhaps even the MacBook Pro over the next year. The new sizes are probably a little too early for the rumoured iMac refresh that is just around the corner, but perhaps by this time next year we could be seeing some high density displays on the market.

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iOS Location Tracking File Could be Just an Oversight

Yesterday, an app was released that was able to read a file generated by iOS (and backed up to computer with iTunes), that shows where your iPhone or 3G enabled iPad has been since the day you purchased it. The file is called consolidated.db and uses cell tower information to give a guide as to where you have been.

Although there’s some obvious privacy questions here, the main questions are why this is allowed to happen, and what exactly does it track? A map of what the consolidated.db file looks like when placed on a map… program available here.

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iPhone 4S Handed out to Select Developers

Apple will be introducing a next gen iPhone later this year. Some say it will be arriving in June, while others are expecting to see it in September. Either way, it will be more powerful and more than likely it will be a refined iPhone 4, perhaps called the iPhone 4S.

We hear today that Apple has been handing out a new prototype iPhone 4 that has been described as the 4S in that it looks identical to the iPhone 4 on the outside, but inside it carries an Apple A5 processor to speed things up.

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Trimensional 3D Scanner for iPhone Released

Occasionally we come across very unique apps for the iPhone and iPad. Trimensional is one of those apps which hit the app store just over a week ago. What it does is allows you to use your iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th gen) or iPad 2 as a simple 3D scanner.

The app works by flashing a sequence of four frames on the screen of the iOS device and at the same time, captures images with the front facing camera. By projecting different images from the screen it allows it to create a simple 3D map of a face or any object as pictured below.

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Google Toolbar 7 Gets Instant Search Feature

A new version of the Google Toolbar has been launched. The latest version is number 7 which brings a few new features. The main new feature of Toolbar 7 is that it now has Instant Search integrated. The service is called Toolbar Instant and allows you to type a search in the toolbar and the results immediately show on the page. If you decide that you don’t want this, you can just hit the escape button to return to the page you were previously viewing.

To active Toolbar Instant you first need to install the latest toolbar, found here. When installed you need to visit the Toolbar Options page and then click the “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing” option.

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iMac Refresh Expected Soon Due to Short Supplies

Some reports today are indicating that the latest generation Apple iMac models will soon be experiencing some shortages. What this normally means is that Apple is planning on a refresh. The same happened with the iPad when the iPad 2 launched as well as the MacBook Pro back in February when the next gen model was being prepared for launch. It has also happened a number of times before.

So what can we expect from the new iMac range? What we hear is that Apple will likely keep the same design, same screen sizes and same keyboard etc… but will bump up the power of each model to include faster CPU’s, larger storage and we also expect to see the ThunderBolt (first seen in the MacBook Pro refresh this year) port being included in the refresh.

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